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S E R J   S A B E T

Nationality British

1st Class BA (Hons) Fine Art

University Of Sunderland - UK

Northern Echo Prize For Fine Art

Artist Statement 

The post-modernist concept is of particular interest to me. For the theory allows us to deconstruct our personal identity and represent it to an audience without the need to carry with it baggage into the cultural setting, other than that which I as an artist wish to comment upon. When I experience Performance Art I enter into public stage as nothing but conduit through which the audience will place the paint upon the canvas.

I notice that when I paint at the performance, I take to the canvas a lifetime of experience, but I need the audience to waken that information. Performance Art is therefore fundamentally a group project that includes the audience in its production.

Performance Art is something that developed along the same time-line as the development of consumer culture. Artistic movements became increasingly interested in the fetishism of the image and gaze of mass media, culminating in a reaction against consumer culture, producing a body of work that did not necessarily produce a final artefact that could be shown in a gallery space. The performance only existing in its own space and time, it exist purely as an experience and memory.

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