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02.2024      Group show, Atelier NUMAS IGRA, Basel/Switzerland

07.2023       Kunst im Labor, Art Fair, Zurich/Switzerland

06.2023       Solo Exhibition, Konstanz/Germany

05.2022       Mural Project, Baden Württemberg /Germany

10.2021       Painting workshop, Baden Baden/Germany

07.2021       No Elf, Solo Show, Konstanz/Germany

02.2020       Urban  Colour , Havana/Cuba

09.2019       Artist Exchange,  New York/USA

08.2019       Art Box Project, The Art Box. Gallery, Zurich/Switzerland

07.2019       Group Exhibition, KunstRaum, Oberteuringen/Germany

06.2019       "Reconnection" Solo Exhibition, Konstanz/Germany

01.2019       Art Workshop, PAN American School, San Jose/Costa Rica

10.2018       Artist in residence, Konstanz/ Germany

09.2018       Muhele Galerie Exhibition, Baden-Württemberg/ Germany

07.2018       Transition Solo Exhibition -Mrs Atha's, Leeds/UK

05.2018       Ink Portrait Project, Leeds/UK

09.2017       Mural Project-Privet Home, Leeds/UK

06.2017       Retro Furniture Solo show, Leeds/UK

11.2016       Limited Print Edition Solo Exhibition, Leeds/UK

06.2015       Art Workshop, Sommeri/Switzerland

12.2014       Limited Print Edition Solo Exhibtion, Berlin Germany

09.2012       Artist In Residance, Salem2Salem, Salem/Germany

06.2012       Symposium, NaturAtelier, Konstanz/Germany

11.2011       Solo Group exhibition Olympic Gallery, London/UK

07.2011       Mural project Salem Castle, Salem/Germany

11.2010       Brent Art Fair Solo Show, London/UK

10.2010       Live Painting, Brent Artist Resources, London/UK

07.2008       Artist Show Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds/UK

09/2007       Mural Project, In Arcadia, Darlington/UK

07.2006       Installations, Degree Show, Sunderland University/UK

03.2006       Live Painting, Northumbria University, Newcastle/UK

03.2004       Live Painting, The Happening, Newcastle/UK

06.2003       Solo Show, Leeds Central Library, Leeds/UK

04.2002       Solo Show, Art Studio, Sunderland/UK

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